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The profile repository can be accessed via CLS2Sim version v4.0.0 or newer together with any Brunner Control Loading device.
This website shows all available profiles in the database. Users can upload/download and rate profiles using CLS2Sim.

When using CLS2Sim, only the profiles applicable to your device will be shown.

To access the Profile Cloud from CLS2Sim, users need to register a Brunner forum account at

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CLS-E Yoke
CLS-E Rudder
CLS-E Joystick
Jet (CLS-E Joystick) CLS-E Joystick 2 18.04.19 15:14:59 4.20.1 Yes Stefan Brunner Hydraulic Enabled / Stick Shaker Enabled
Zibo mod B737 (CLS-E Joystick) CLS-E Joystick 2 18.04.19 15:10:49 4.20.1 Yes Stefan Brunner Tuned and tested specifically for the Zibo 737-800X for X-Plane 11
DS CLS-E Joystick 2 22.02.20 18:53:53 4.25.8 No DS Light Jet profile
DCS Helicopter CLS-E Joystick 1 04.02.20 01:08:50 4.25.8 No 54yroldHOTMOM generic helicopter profile for dcs. using mongoost50cm2 stick with 200mm s curve extension.
P51-D DCS CLS-E Joystick 2 04.02.20 01:07:52 4.25.8 No 54yroldHOTMOM Mustang profile fully working ffb including stiffer control surfaces with increased airspeed. using Mongoost50cm2 stick with 200mm s curve extension. no stick shake with gun fire present though.
DCS BOX il2 CLS-E Joystick 1 04.02.20 01:06:10 4.25.8 No 54yroldHOTMOM My BOX profile as requested. Havent flown this much though.
A-10C DCS CLS-E Joystick 2 04.02.20 01:04:24 4.25.8 No 54yroldHOTMOM Used with Mongoost50cm2 stick and 200mm s curve extension. Hydraulics so no stiffer spring strength with speed. Toned down FFB because of stickshaker with high aoa and stall was too high
Aerobask DA-62 CLS-E Joystick , CLS-E Rudder 2 17.10.19 12:32:09 4.24.9 No Ahmed Saleh CLS-E Joystick and rudder. Everything enabled. Flight control forces meticulously calculated for high realism. Enjoy
DCS FFB BETA Fixed Wing CLS-E Joystick 2 25.07.19 12:40:01 4.23.3 No Kingpinda Test profile for FFB in DCS. Tested with F-14 and P51-D
DCS Helicopter Heloguy CLS-E Joystick 2 12.06.19 16:52:03 4.20.1 No Heloguy Initial Helo Profile for DCS
DCS Fixed Wing Heloguy CLS-E Joystick 2 12.06.19 16:51:44 4.20.1 No Heloguy Initial FW Profile for DCS
DCS Helicopter test profile CLS-E Joystick 1 11.06.19 21:05:48 4.20.1 No Kingpinda DCS Helicopter test profile.
Aerobask Robin DR401 CLS-E Joystick 4 11.05.19 03:39:16 4.20.1 No traxap X-Plane 11 - Siimple settings.
Cessna 172 (CLS-E Joystick) CLS-E Joystick 5 23.04.19 13:59:53 4.9.2 No Stefan Brunner Yokes Physics Enabled / Prop Wash Enabled / Stick Shaker Enabled / Motor Vibrations Enabled / No Buttons mapped
Flight Factor A320 (CLS-E Joystick) CLS-E Joystick 2 18.04.19 15:13:13 4.20.1 No Stefan Brunner Based on PMDG 737 model but tweaked for the Airbus.


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